Fastrial - Instantaneous CRF. You can build it in no time.

No Speed Limit

Instantaneous CRF. You can build it in no time.

Why should I use it?

Fastrial EDC is an easy to use eCRF builder. It is based on a library of screens and forms to save time. You can customize forms and save them as your personal templates.

Create. Clone. Publish.

Create and publish your study with speed and efficiency. Clone your templates to produce unlimited studies with a few clicks.

Intelligent automation

Build you library of eCRFs for use across multiple studies. Flexible form designs: never create the same form twice. Easy creation of edit checks.

Global EDC vendor with
European headquarters

More than 400 studies in over 60 countries to date

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Complete offering in every language
on every browser

Available in 7 languages and soon even more

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Development of new software features
on customer request

Ready to use predefined libraries, but not only

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Your studies online within
just a few moments

On your mark… Get set… GO !

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Instantaneous CRF. You can build it in no time.

For a pharma company or CRO, building your eCRF yourself can have significant benefits. It minimizes electronic CRF development costs, and means you don’t have to commit to an enterprise - wide solution.