FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Fastrial Designer

What is Fastrial?

Fastrial is an easy-to-use, innovative and powerful cloud-based tool to create and manage electronic CRFs. As Study Manager, you will create your study forms, set up study sites and give access to the users such as investigators, site coordinators and study monitors.

Fastrial has two environments with separate login:

  1. FASTRIAL DESIGNER, interface used by the Study Manager to create studies and Case Report Forms. Once setup is complete, it is published as Fastrial eCRF with a simple click.
  2. FASTRIAL eCRF, web-based electronic CRF for data entry by the Study Sites. The eCRF is used by Investigators, Site Coordinators, and Study Monitors.

Why should I choose it?

Fastrial easy-to-use designer will help you create, deploy and manage CRFs, studies and sites using ready libraries. You don’t need to plan CRF modifications weeks in advance.
Based on Google Cloud platform, Fastrial offers high-speed access from anywhere in the world. Pricing starts at $99 per month to create up to 3 studies. You can add features and ‘pay what you need’. Fastrial is compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and GCP.

Can I try it for free?

Just register online and you will be able to access a free trial version of Fastrial Designer for 30 days.
You can cancel anytime before being charged or save your work and continue to use Fastrial seamlessly after the trial period.

You will receive an email reminder 7 days before the end of your free trial.

Will I lose my study data after the 30 day trial period?

On every access to Fastrial Designer you will see the number of days left. You receive reminders at -7 days and -1 day before the expiring date.

If you don’t cancel your account by completing the “unsubscribe” page, your contract (account and environment) continues. All CRFs and studies you created will be maintained.

How can I pay for my Fastrial subscription?

You can choose whether to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.
We ask to fill out an online form for your payment information to reduce fraud and provide a seamless subscription experience.

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Getting Started

Sign Up with Fastrial Designer Free Trial

Complete the online form and sign up for the 30-Day Free Trial: you will receive a username and password to access Fastrial Designer.

You will be granted the role of Study Manager and you will be able to create your first electronic CRF.

Where to Start?

Once logged-in Fastrial Designer, visit the Knowledge Base to find simple guides that will help you getting started. Fastrial is an easy-to-use and do-it-yourself solution.

Study Managers can consult online guides and manage every functionality without the need for technical support. If you wish to receive clarifications, Helpdesk is available to answer your questions by email or phone.

How much time does it take?

With Fastrial Designer you can easily create and manage your own study without any technical skills.

The available form libraries give you a starting point to accelerate the setup to just a few hours. The drag and drop interface will let you build complex forms with integrated edit checks and logic.

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Special Features

Can I change my CRFs during the study?

Fastrial is the ideal tool to manage CRF changes without the hassle of re-printing, distributing and replacing paper forms.

Fastrial not only allows to create multiple eCRF versions for your study, it also allows you to associate a specific eCRF version for one study center and another version for another center.
For additional information, access Fastrial Designer and read the guide in Knowledge Base.

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Fastrial eCRF

Sign Up with Fastrial eCRF

If you need to access an existing study (e.g. Investigators, Monitors, Site Coordinators, …), you are given access by the study administrator(s) of the account where that study exists.

The system automatically sends the login credentials with a link to the website. Once you have a login, you can be added to any subsequent studies in the future without requiring a separate login.
All your studies are in one place.

How often can I access study data?

Your study database is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Access is controlled by permission-based, secure user IDs and passwords. Fastrial is compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and GCP.

Can I enter CRF data from a tablets/smartphones?

Fastrial has responsive design. Data entry can be done using a tablet or smartphone. When used on a mobile device the entry screens and buttons will adapt automatically.

A higher contrast will also be used to make the User experience more comfortable, therefore error free.

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