Why should I use it?

Fastrial is a powerful and easy to use cloud-based tool for creating studies and clinical trials.
You can easily build and manage your own study without any technical skills, thanks to our “drag and drop” interface.

  • Fastrial is adapted to every budget, thanks to its ‘pay what you need’ features.
  • It is compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 11 and GCP requirements*.
  • Our easy to use composer will help you create, deploy and manage studies on your own. You don’t need to plan modifications weeks in advance and wait until the developers are available.
  • The drag and drop interface will let you build complex forms with integrated edit checks and logic.
  • No programing experience is required, anyone can do it. Use the provided library of preconfigured field types and forms as is, or modify and update them as you wish.


*Study designers are responsible to configure Fastrial eCRF in compliance with FDA and GCP requirements.